Real Estate Sale

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Real Estate Sale

We offer complete support for the sale of real estate. We sell without wasting your time.

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Why we are the Right People to sell your Property

Evaluation of Your Property

Our team of specialists will carry out an evaluation of your property and advise you as to its value.

Presenting the Property

We will photograph and present your property both in real estate web sites and to our partners and clients. When offering the real estate being sold by our clients we rely on a custom-tailored approach, in accordance with the characteristics of the given property. Apart from the personal contact with potential clients we have identified, we rely on presentations of the properties. We organize a professional photoshoot, adverts in selected media (including online) and organize events in business centers, offices of large companies, malls, etc.

We Organise Walk-Throughs Without the Presence of the Owner

We value your time and, if you should wish so, we can organise a walk-through for potential buyers without your presence.

Repairs and Cleaning

"Brava Broker" offers its clients building and repair services, landscaping and finishing work, including cleaning.

Legal Services with One commission - two services - a good broker, a secure lawyer!

We give you peace of mind that the deal we help you make will be legally compliant.

Our team of specialists will help in procuring the documents, necessary for the completion of the deal.

We will draw up all necessary paperwork for the conclusion of the deal including contracts, deeds, etc.

We will offer you exclusive representation during the negotiation and conclusion of the deal.