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Public Sale

We have considered all the details in the real estate purchasing process. We will provide a complete range of services from the selection of a property, to peace of mind for the rest of your life.

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What we Offer

Finding the Desired Property

Our team of brokers will carry out an analysis of the properties up for public sale, find and offer a property, which meets your individual requirements.

Buying from an Investor

We will elaborate a custom investment project and manage the entire process for its execution.

Repairs and Cleaning

"Brava Broker" offers its clients building and repair services, landscaping and finishing work, including cleaning.


We will advise the most prudent financing option for your deal.

Legal Services

We give you peace of mind that the deal we help you make will be legally compliant.

We will carry out a thorough legal verification of the property you would like to buy.

Our team of specialists will assist in the procurement of all paperwork, necessary for the deal.

We will draw up all necessary documents and represent you during the auction.

We will offer you litigation upon entry into possession and should complications arise during the trial.

We will represent you free of charge during the appeal of the auction.

We will take over the entire communication with governmental institutions and all activities related to the removal of the seizures, mortgages and debts from previous owners.